During this past year Doris has invited me to dare to try new things. Through our discoveries I feel more alive, aware, and I have a new confidence in my approach to life. -D.B.-

Working with Doris has changed my life. It was like being jumpstarted to come out of a place of complacency about my life and the role I played into a place of action and how I wanted my internal and external landscape to be painted. -K.S.-

Thank you for your unwavering support and guidance at one of the most difficult times of my life. Whether to remain married or to separate from my husband was the most confusing and painful decision I have ever had to make. I felt very lost and often overwhelmed. I felt that you provided me with a blanket of warmth and empathy. I had a safe place from which to explore my feelings and acknowledge them. I never felt judged, there was no wrong or right way of feeling. With your support I was able to tune into my deepest issues and look at the root of my difficulties. You helped me work through my confused and painful feelings and to get to a place where I knew the way forward. I arrived at a place where I could connect to my own inner strength and peace. –C.C.-

Couples and other Relationships:

We gave ourselves a wonderful gift when we chose to have Doris as our relationship coach. -A.K.-

My mom and I have been having contentious issues in our relationship for years and Doris was very helpful in getting us both to see our relationship in a different light. It was an important step for us to see that neither of us was wrong but rather that we have different needs and ways of communicating those needs. -J.S.-

Your wonderful compassion, insight and ability to hear beyond what is being said has opened up new places and understanding in our relationship, enabling us to think about what we want for us as a couple rather than what we want for ourselves as individuals. You have firmly and wisely, guided us through exploring whatever has come up, including holding and unravelling discomforting and upsetting extremes of emotion at times. You have held us strongly, safely and curiously as we stepped into burning flames, even when we had no idea where the exit, or fire extinguisher, was, and been with us all the way on an exciting, challenging journey of discovery, and ‘re’ discovery. – S.J.-


Doris wealth of experience from her own teaching in combination with her training as a relationship system coach, along with her kindness and patient understanding were extremely effective. Her help improved my relationship to the class as a whole, and to individual students. Through the process of working together, Doris brought me from desperation to a point where I was leading the class in a positive direction, feeling much better about my teaching, and working effectively as the leader in my classroom. – J.A.