Doris Wier And Her Work

portaitdorisWhen I’m coaching couples I am asked to be present and honest, open to serve their relationships, and honor whatever shows up. It feels like doing sacred work to me.

The moment when couples discover again the attraction that brought them together in the first place is incredibly rewarding. It is wonderful to witness when two people start to reconnect and get a new perspective after having lost nearly all hope for their relationship. I admire the courage couples show when opening up to their partner from a vulnerable place and speaking their truth. It is fun to be part of the process when they learn to develop a language and actions that work for both of them. I love it when they find their humor, lightness, and playfulness after being locked into patterns that started their downward spiral. It is an honor to witness their admiration, fondness, and passion deepen for one another.

My heart is really into coaching couples. I also work with couples who decide to end their intimate relationship and need support while separating or with learning how to still partner well as parents. I am open to coach one partner if the other partner is absolutely not willing to be part of this process. I’m experienced in working with single parents with a particularly challenging child/children or a teacher, who is struggling in his or her classroom. While I still coach individuals who are in times of transitions with great enthusiasm, I find coaching couples with children,  single parents or teachers to be my favorite situations. Knowing that working with them indirectly supports children and future generations, is fulfilling for me not only as a coach but also as a mom and a former teacher of children.

I believe it is our birth right to be acknowledged and loved for who we are. Whether we are adults or children, we all have the right to be in relationships that support us in becoming the person we have the potential for or are meant to be. Judging, criticizing, and excluding are the worst we can do for one another. Not only do we as individuals need nurturing relationships in which we mutually feel connected, accepted, appreciated, supported, and physically safe our world needs them too.

It is my hope and my purpose that my coaching service helps to create what I call healthy and vibrant relationships.