For Couples

A great marriage is not when the “perfect couple” comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.                  -Dave Meurer-

In my work with couples I often use the analogy of a relationship being like a garden. Similar to a garden, a relationship has natural cycles. To describe Relationship System Coaching with this garden analogy, I would say: My mission is to support two gardeners in discovering what their dream garden (relationship) might look like. I help the gardeners to conscientiously choose which plants they would like to cultivate in their garden and what will the landscape look like? I then provide them with efficient tools and the best fertilizers for their garden. In addition, I help them dispose of toxic chemicals (toxic communication styles, common relationship traps) that each of them may have used in the past and that may potentially damage or kill the garden. I am here to assist couples until they feel comfortable taking care of their relationship on their own and continue to create what they both want without outside support.

Finding Out If Relationship System Coaching Is For You

If you answer any of the following questions with a “yes”, Relationship System Coaching might just be the right fit for you. It can provide your partnership with tools that help you overcome your challenges and create the relationship you want.

Is your marriage or partnership undergoing some major changes such as becoming new parents, moving in together, or experiencing an empty nest and you could use some support?
Are you and your partner stuck in the same argument(s)?
Are you unable to appreciate your partner like you used to?
Is there anything that you never dared to tell your partner?
Would you like to be able to communicate better with your partner but you don’t know how?
Are you longing for a deeper connection and more intimacy?
Is your sex life boring or almost nonexistent?
Are you wondering if you should end the relationship or continue it?
Do you have dreams for your relationship that are unfulfilled?
Would you like to improve your collaboration as parents?

Relationship System Coaching With Me Will Enable You To

Build The Relationship Of Your Dreams:

  • Exploring together what you want to create and build in your relationship.
  • Staying committed to what you want to create and the necessary actions this will take.
  • Improving your overall communication.
  • Learning to embrace conflict as an opportunity.
  • Recognizing what is toxic in your relationship and learning to avoid it.
  • Learning to turn feelings of frustration and anger into more intimacy.
  • Speaking your truth.
  • Finding out what works best for both of you.

Deepen Your Fondness And Admiration Of One Another:

  • Feeling again the attraction and admiration you had when you first met.
  • Deepening your connection and understanding of one another.
  • Appreciating your differences.
  • Allowing your partner to influence you.
  • Creating daily rituals that deepen your love and appreciation for one another.
  • Becoming fluent in your partner’s favorite love language(s) outside and inside the bedroom.
  • Having more sex and enjoying it.
  • Supporting each other’s dream(s).