For Individuals

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. -Eleanor Roosevelt-

Why would you hire me as your Relationship System Coach?

Because one or more of the following human needs might still be missing in your life:

  • Being in fulfilling relationships with yourself and others
  • Having a job or a business that excites you
  • Having the money you need
  • Increased energy, vitality and health
  • Inner freedom and joy
  • Personal growth and outlets for self expression
  • Living your dreams

Being in a good relationship with oneself is the foundation for having healthy relationships with others and a fulfilled life. When we can be our own best friend, everything else seems to flow so much easier. And yet, for a lot of us this is a difficult task.

Although most of our challenges come from past experiences the main focus in Relationship System Coaching is on the now and the future. It is important to acknowledge our challenges and if necessary find new solutions or a new perspective. When the road gets bumpy or scary, you’ll have an ally at your side who is experienced and can coach you through.

Working with me will enable you to

  • be in touch with the whole spectrum of your feelings and use them as a source of inner wisdom and information.
  • develop positive relationships with all aspects of yourself.
  • get in touch with your needs and heart desires.
  • create what you are longing for.
  • improve your self confidence.
  • become aware of belief systems that hold you back and don’t serve you any more.
  • create healthy and vibrant relationships with others.
  • take responsibility for your own well being.

My most common clients are single parents, who need support in raising challenging children; individuals who are up for a career change or in process of building their own business; individuals who are not sure whether they are in the right intimate relationship; and individuals who are in times of transition. I have also worked with individuals who just wanted to create a better relationship with themselves.