For Schools

We will never have enough techniques and tools to get kids to behave and learn, if we are not first creating positive human relationships.      -Bob Sornson-

Are you feeling …

School Relationship Coaching

  • overwhelmed?
  • frustrated with your student’s progress and behavior?
  • frustrated with your own class room management?

Do you have …

  • a conflict with students or parents and everything you have tried so far doesn’t work?
  • self doubts?
  • not enough or not the right support?
  • many nights in which your sleep is disturbed because you can’t stop thinking about your work?

Teaching is not an easy job. I know from my own experience how often a teacher can feel alone in her or his classroom. Many students bring a lot of academic and behavioral challenges into the classroom and not every teacher has the luck to work with a supportive and creative team of colleagues. At times, even that can not be enough support. In addition, a teacher is faced with all kinds of expectations: from parents, colleagues, the principal, the school district, the community, the state and the whole nation.

Relationship System Coaching With Me Empowers You To:

  • become the teacher you always wanted to be.
  • develop positive relationships with your students and their families, even those that are particularly challenging.
  • create a safe classroom in which you can teach and your students can learn.
  • deal with conflict in a way that creates a positive outcome for all involved.
  • develop your own authentic teaching style.
  • meet your students where they are.
  • stay inspired.
  • create a lesson plan/curriculum that is inspiring and meaningful for your students.
  • tap into already existing resources and find new ones.
  • prevent a burn out-syndrome.