Relationship System Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Schools

Every conflict holds the seed of more intimacy, understanding, and creativity. -Doris Wier-

 A conflict presents an opportunity to become more connected to ourselves, our dreams, our creativity, and to one another. When we learn to embrace conflict with an open heart and curiosity, we find it promotes personal growth and helps our relationships to reach the next levels of connection, intimacy, and creativity. We then allow our relationships to be the dynamic organisms they naturally are.

Key to any successful relationship is how we deal with conflict. Many of us are not particularly skilled at handling conflict. When we address the issue(s) we often end up in a verbal fight. The parties involved end up feeling hurt, misunderstood, and isolated. In our minds, it might become more desirable to avoid a conflict than to confront it. Some of us learn to avoid conflict at all costs. And then there are those who feel most alive during a hot argument. The danger for them is that engaging in those types of behavior can become addictive. Being able to address conflict in a manner that helps us to stay connected and that allows our dialogue to continue is at the heart of building healthy and vibrant relationships.

Scientific studies are confirming that we are already born as relational beings and that we are constantly in relationship with ourselves and others. Therefore, creating the relationships we really want and desire is important. This is not only possible with ourselves but also with our partners, children, parents, friends, and at work.

Relationship System Coaching educates and supports individuals, couples, and teachers to use conflict as a doorway to deepen the connection to themselves and others. It helps them to improve positivity in their relationships and their over all communication, and allows new learning and new beginnings. In addition, it empowers them to create and manifest the relationships of their dreams, and the goals they have for their lives.

Relationship System Coaching is possible in English or German and is also available over skype.